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CNA Skill Class (実技クラス)の講義ビデオです。予習、​復習にご覧ください。


Skills 1

Measure and Record Radial Pulse           -click here-

Measure and Record Respirations         -click here-

Measure and Record Blood Pressure       -click here-

Skills 2

Ambulate with a Gait Belt                 -click here-

Transfer from Bed to Wheelchair      -click here-

Skills 3

Range of Motion: Shoulder                      -click here-

Range of Motion: Elbow and Wrist              -click here-

Range of Motion: Hip, Knee and Ankle    -click here-

Skills 4

Hand Washing and Glove Removal                   -click here- 

Put on and Remove Gown, Mask, and Gloves   -click here-

Skills 5

Feed Resident in a Chair                     -click here-

Perform Mouth Care with Teeth           -click here-

Perform Mouth Care with Denture       -click here-

Skills 6

Dress Resident with a Weak Arm      -click here-

Provide Hand and Nail Care             -click here-

Provide Foot Care                             -click here-

Provide Partial Bed Bath                         -click here-

Make an Occupied Bed                          -click here-

Skills 7

Change Position to Supported Side-Lying   -click here-

Skills 8

Assist a Resident with a Bedpan                             -click here-

Provide Perineal Care to an Incontinent Resident   -click here-

Provide Catheter Care                                                            -click here-

Measure Urinary Drainage Bag                               -click here-

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