Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe haven for the elders and terminally ill patients.  To achieve this goal, we pay special attention to the emotional and social needs of our residents.  We hope all patients under our care to spend their last part of their lives in the way they wish to spend, as if they were at their own homes.

At hospice home, we specialize palliative care to reduce uncomfortable symptoms such as pain coordinating care with doctors and hospice agencies.  Regardless of ethnicity, religion or age, we accept patients solely based on patients’ needs.  We often accept patients who are rejected by other facilities.  

At our fee-based care home, 5 residents will live together in a spacious home.  We would not force our schedule upon them.  Each can spend their time based on their preference.  Play games with others, or watch Japanese TV as one wishes.  We will encourage to join activities but never force.  For 5 residents, we have average 2.5 staff caregivers so that we can more attention.  Our residents enjoy home-made Japanese food every day!